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      Quality is the premise for living and development of a company. In long time practise and exploration, Chongqing Comet Translation Co., Ltd. has formed optimum work process and management pattern, so to guarantee accurate and efficient translation service.

       1. Translation team: With the help of large translation teams, Chongqing Comet Translation Co., Ltd. is capable to meet with demand for different specialties, different languages and different levels translation. A specialist in certain field or linguist may not be an expert in translation. Chongqing Comet Translation Co., Ltd., when recruiting new translators, gives multi-aspects examination including language command, specialty and comprehensive performance, etc..

       2. Process: Standard work process may help completing each project with high efficiency and high quality. From the very beginning of accepting the project, we arrange dedicated personnel in charge, confirm the nature of project and take analysis to degree of specialty of the project. Then we classify the project in view of specialty and select right and suitable translators, we have the right person for the right work. We have summarized special vocabulary for clients so to maintain the consistency and unique of style, and this is really custom service.

       3. Project management: For those project will large work volume or limited time request. Chongqing Comet Translation Co., Ltd. will organize several translation teams, who will work on details such as requirements, special vocabulary, determine language style, format of translated file, etc.. During translation, the translation manager will take overall monitoring and coordination to assure smooth proceeding of the project and the consistency of translation is the top priority.

       4. Double check: All finished translation shall pass strict linguistic and technical double-check, from completion of first translation to final products, from double-check to final review, every process is a coordination. We seek the most accurate expression to even the tiny differences between words.

       5. Interactivity: In the whole translation process, clients, translators and the translation company have different but irreplaceable roles. We dont suggest isolate the translators during translation, because translation itself is a integer, which requires participating from all three parties. We need interactivities from all three parties in 3 stages respectively before, during and after translation.

       6. Expert solution: Chongqing Comet Translation Co., Ltd. takes advantage of the good talent training system and gathers genius in translation industry. First, it holds periodical internal training to continuously upgrade the translation skill of the translators; Second, it gives system oriented training to its full-time and freelance translators, and make them expert translator in certain or several fields. Comet Translation emphasize regulations and standards in translation quality control, and had drafted translation procedures to help the translators and the reviewers to carry out self quality control activities.

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