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      Q: What formats of source file can Comet translate? And what fields?
      A: Basically, we accept MS Windows based application software file formats including MS Office, CAD, Coreldraw, etc.. Even for some seldom used application software, well manage to meet your demand. Generally we are engaged in following fields translation: Law, Trade, Import & Export, Finance, IT, Telecommunication, Mechanism, Medical, etc.. Our translation team is increasing and the translation fields are expanding. If your industrial field is not listed above, please contact us to confirm if your files are covered in our service.

      Q: How is the translate speed?
      A: Usually, a skilled and experienced translator may translate approximate 5000 words. We prefer to appoint one translator for one project (small ones) to assure quality of translation and consistency of style. If you are seeking for limited time large quantity project, please contact with us about the optimum solution.     

      Q: What is the qualification of Comets translators?

      A: Translators employed by Comet Translation have passed strict examination and periodical successive training. We believe that translation requires not only linguistic skill, but also extremely high professionalism, plus intensive and extensive acknowledge to certain field. Besides, we believe a good translator is trained not born to be, thats why we input large quantity of time in improving the translation skill. Every and each translator, after joining Comet, will take periodical training, learn new knowledge to accommodate continuous upgrading standard for translation.

      Q: How about keeping secrecy?
      A: Comet will take care of secrecy seriously. All employed translators have signed contract of keeping secrecy with company, only project related personnel may access the source and target file. Files from all clients will be encrypted prior to processing and can not be opened by unauthorized personnel. Besides, we may sign contract of secrecy with individual clients if necessary.

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